With the creation of your dream job comes a slew of new responsibilities. Not only are you making a daring leap into the unknown but you now must perform for paying clients! We understand that sometimes the last thing on your mind is your web presence. Or maybe it’s one of the many things on your mind (something you know you need to take care of) but you just don’t have the know-how to tackle it yet. Chances are you might’ve come to the conclusion: “I can just do it myself if I have to.” Do you have time to do it yourself? How much time investment are you willing to make? This service takes out the guesswork for you at a reasonable cost.

Interested? Email us and we’ll answer your questions!

Most entrepreneurs know they need to make the investment for their business to be online. It’s important, as well, that the site be mobile friendly so your smartphone wielding clients can research you whenever they please. Additionally, most starting businesses do not have tons of money lying around to make a heavy investment into a custom website and designer.

We offer a service at Studio Fortis: The 7-day Website. “An awesome wordpress layout + Your content = A beautiful, responsive website in one week from your start date.” (Our colleague, Rachel at RC Vane, coined this term with her similar services).

The beginning:

  1. You apply, listing your desired starting date.
  2. Your application is approved and we start receiving content from you to begin.
  3. Mid Phase, 5 days in we review the site we’ve created.
  4. Final Phase, on 7th day we launch!

7 Days?! No way! Here are the details:

  1. We’ll add up to 5 pages + a blog + contact page
  2. All writing, photos + content must be submitted by you before the 7 day site can begin construction. Side note: We recommend you give yourself a minimum of 2 weeks to write + collect everything you’ll need on your website.
  3. You’ll need a domain name registered and hosting account*
  4. You’ll need MailChimp account, if you’d like an email list opt in form.
  5. Communication is via email and Google Drive
  6. The site will be built on WordPress and will need to be frequently updated (We do have annual or monthly maintenance packages you can buy.)
  7. You’ll get 30 days of free email support after your launch (And hopefully a business friend for life!)

*You’ll be required to find and purchase your own domain and hosting, we can assist you in finding that service. If you are interesting in hosting through us, we can do so at a additional cost.


This service is not a good idea if….

You need any custom-designed graphics or web elements (We offer this at an additional cost.)

You don’t like signing a work agreement.

You want to use Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or GoDaddy.

You want to have regular meetings about your site. (Unless you check out the maintenance packages.)

this is ideal for businesses who….

Plan on using blogging and other content/social media marketing.

Want to have a website that can grow with your business and begin to have a presence on Google.

Can commit to logging into your site once a week to perform regular software updates (or we can do it for you.)

You have a couple weeks before your start date to write and collect all your content for your website. (Or it’s already done!)


Finer, technical details of what is included for all you ‘fine-print’ readers:
  • A straightforward way to collect and create your site’s content.
  • A secure WordPress install, as well as theme coding to insure updatability after our process is done.
  • A self-hosted WordPress Website on a hosting account you purchase (We highly recommend SiteGround or A2hosting)
  • Customized with your logo, colors + images, mood board (pinterest board)
  • If you do not have a logo, we will add your name in text to the top of the site.
  • If you need colors, we can consult you on complementary colors that highlight your business.
  • Mobile-responsive site
  • 5 WordPress Pages laid out with your content, includes Homepage
  • A Contact Page, with a form and a place to access all entries from your WordPress dashboard
  • A Custom Blog Page (this will come with training on how to update the blog yourself)
  • Social Media sharing buttons for blog posts
  • Powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options
  • Search Engine Optimized keywords for up to 5 pages
  • Google analytics plugin install
  • An opt in form using MailChimp
  • Updraft Plugin (To download backups), for the lifetime of the site
  • Do-it-yourself video tutorial resources for using and maintaining your site after launch
  • 30 days of anytime email support after your launch
  • 30 days of Skype support for any thing you can’t figure out


Here is, specifically, what is NOT included:
  • Hosting, we can direct you on how to purchase this and give you recommendations- but it is not included with the price.
  • Domain registration, this is also something we can refer to you.
  • We will limit in-person meetings and phone calls, most communication will be made through email and text message.
  • Custom design work (graphic design made only for you)
  • Custom development work (Code only for you)
  • Finding or Purchasing of stock photos
  • A logo
  • Editing content or verbiage that is submitted by you about your company for the site
  • Email account set up help
  • MailChimp account set up
  • Ecommerce, PayPal buttons or payment integration of any kind
  • Anything else that is not specifically listed
  • Many of these can be added for (Check out our A La carte menu)

After your application is approved, and we receive all the content and verbiage from you: you’ll select your start date. One week from that start date, your site will be live!

Investment: $1500

Payment plans are available, and please be paid in full before your scheduled website week.