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Download Doohickey Today
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Artwork by Dani Kahn
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Evan, the programmer and designer of the game, Dani, the concept artist.

What is Doohickey?

A childhood dream broke into reality, when Evan from Studio Fortis set out to make his first official video game: Doohickey.

For as far back as Evan can remember, he had always wanted to make video games. Around 2 years ago, he decided to finally act on this impulse, practicing game development in his free time. Once Evan felt confident with the skills he had built, he decided it was time to face his next hurdle in his goals: making a well polished minigame.

When looking for inspiration for this new scale of a project, Evan decided to use a prototype build that he had made when learning to program platform mechanics. Taking this concept and refining on elements of immersion, control input, and physics, Evan’s proud to present the new and improved version of the old minigame, officially known as Doohickey!

Doohickey is available for free to download on PC above.

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