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Assisting You* In Expressing
Yourself Creatively

*small business owner, gamer, warrior, innovator

Our Current Project

Doohickey: An Indie Video Game

Here’s a development video for our new video game project, known as Achroma. Today we’re working on a design model for a character in the game known as ‘Red Chirp’.

We Specialize in Creative Brand Development:

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Our Services Include

Brand Development

2D Graphics and Illustration

Video Game Development

View Some Of Our Past Projects

Click to learn more about our Free Mini Game: Doohickey
Free Mini Game
Gamer Stream Elements
HG (Higher Grounds) Roastery and Cafe
Physical Location Branding
Video Editing and Animations

Our Projects* Are Fun

Our Projects* Are Fun

*assignments given to us by local Arizona businesses

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Gilbert* Chamber of Commerce

Gilbert* Chamber of Commerce

*Small business advocates in Gilbert, Arizona

We enjoyed collaborating with the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce to create this animated short video about proposition and initiative research.

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HG (Higher Grounds)* Roastery and Cafe

HG (Higher Grounds)* Roastery and Cafe

*Family owned and operated cafe in Gilbert, Arizona

For five years we have coordinated with Higher Grounds to help present their vision with to world.

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CETE* Animation Project

CETE* Animation Project

*Created Equal Trigger Exhibits

Created Equal Trigger Exhibits hosted an event in collaboration with Amy Schwabenlender of Valley of the Sun United Way in addition to the Virginia G Piper Foundation. We assisted Elaine Kessler in creating a presentation video explaining the concepts of CETE.

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